New Windows VS Existing Windows

New Windows Vs Existing Windows

Windows. They're always somewhere on an association's horizon and it's usually not a bright windows

Homeowners complain about old, drafty windows.

Installing new ones is the logistical equivalent of a root canal. But, there's one straightforward things you can do to prolong the life of your windows, improve the health of your residents and bring a smile to both visitors and homeowners.

Have your windows professionally washed.

Cleaning windows removes damaging grit, lets in natural light and makes a building sparkle to passers by (and potential buyers).

Where to Start

Most window washing companies provide free estimates and a pretty accurate idea of how long the job will take. Ask them to visit the property and submit a written estimate. They'll likely break it down according to window size – sliding glass doors are bigger than normal panes so they're going to cost a bit more. Because HOA units tend to be the same from one to the next in the same compound, you can probably get an estimate on one then multiply by the number of units.
As far as completion time, take your personal window washing time and divide by about 50…these crews are fast as most washers are paid per accurate window. Seriously though, companies can get the time down to a science with a little leeway depending on the ladder setups, surrounding obstacles and building structure. On the average, one side of a normal sized pane should take about 90 seconds from dry to dry... including going up and down the ladder. Really.

References are important because you don't want your windows scratched and you can learn about most companies through rate sites like Angie's List and Service Magic.


From company to company, the cost doesn't drastically vary, but the ones that perform research, upgrade equipment and focus on keeping talented employees are going to cost a little more. As with everything else in your HOA, you get what you pay for.
As a starting point, one side of a standard (3' x 4') pane of glass will run about $3.00. Inside/Outside combined is around $5 with sliding doors and large picture windows one or two dollars more. Excessive laddering, rapelling and difficult terrain like steep slopes may be extra but they'll be shown in the bid. Screens are sometimes included, sometimes around fifty cents each.

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