'Net Zero' Houses Use Richlin Windows - Minneapolis

Have you heard about the '€˜Net Zero'€™ houses? It'€™s a series of homes designed by U of MN architectural and engineering students. The goal of the project is to design and build homes that create more energy than they use. Everything used in the building was TOP OF THE LINE energy efficiency.

The windows used in the home(s)' €- not Andersen. Not Jeld-win'€ - not Pella. They used Richlin by Hayfield windows. THE most energy efficient windows available. Richlin by Hayfield windows provide the lowest U-factor, which is used to measure the heat transfer and tell a homeowner how well a window insulates.

SMA can install ANY name brand window you'€™d like. But we'€™re the #1 Richlin by Hayfield installer in the Twin Cities.

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