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For a long time now, most people know that a house is just as good as its foundation. While this is true, the roof is also a very essential part of a house. Can you imagine living under a roof that's constantly leaking or needs repair? It can be really frustrating.

What is roofing underlayment and why is it important?

Roofing Underlayment

A roofing underlayment is an additional layer of protection installed on top of the roof decking and underneath the shingles. A traditional underlayment is made of felt and saturated with asphalt. This asphalt creates a strong bond between the underlayment and asphalt shingles. There are many varieties of roofing underlayment; the most popular type is the roofing felt (also known as 15# pound and 30# pound).

Currently, there are new underlayment materials known as synthetic felt or synthetic underlayment. They are manufactured from polymers which makes them more resistant to extreme weather conditions. Each type of synthetic felt is suitable for a particular shingle type.

Even though synthetic felt is better than traditional felt, modern manufacturers have introduced an asphalt coated glass reinforced felt underlayment. This is a ‘new and improved' 30# as it comes with more toughness and strength. This new underlayment will lay flatter than other roofing underlayment.

How does an underlayment work?

A roofing underlayment is usually placed between the roof decking and roofing shingles. It acts as an additional seal around the areas where nails penetrate. You should know that even if the nails are covered, driven rain, snow or ice might find its way underneath the shingles. The underlayment will act as a potential barrier. There are there main reasons why an underlayment is carried out:

  • To act as a second ambient barrier – reinforces sound and heat insulation.
  • To act as a water barrier – prevents precipitation or external water vapor from percolating onto the roofing deck.
  • To prevent chemicals in the shingles from leaking onto the roofing deck. This kind of leaking will result in expensive repairs.

Benefits of installing a roofing underlayment

Extra Protection

As a homeowner, you will tend to think that roofing shingles will provide all the protection needed against the environment. To begin with, roofing shingles aren't waterproof. Therefore, Minnesota homeowners should consider inventing in roofing underlayment. Otherwise, they might end up paying for expensive house repairs after a hail storm or tornado.

Vapor Barrier

A roof underlayment is the ultimate sub-proof system that provides a second defense line below the roof shingles. A well-installed roof underlayment will protect your roof from any form of precipitation throughout the year – no more roof ice dams during winters.

Other reasons as to why you should install an underlayment include:

  • It offers protection to the roof from any resins that bleed out from the sheathing.
  • Protects the roof deck from rai n before roofing is installed.
  • Prevents unevenness in the roof sheathing.
  • An underlayment is known to increase the fire rating of a roof system.
  • It creates a safer working condition for workers as it minimizes the likelihood of slipping.

What about the premium synthetic underlayment?

Unlike traditional roof underlayment, the premium ones come with two sides; the top side is designed to provide a walkable surface (both wet and dry conditions) while the deck side provides a tack which secures the synthetic underlayment during mechanical installation.

Premium synthetic felt can be used on any type of roof. It doesn't have any restrictions. Since this product is a high-temp variety, it's suitable with Clay, Shake, Metal, concrete tiles and asphalt shingles.

Lastly, premium brands are more efficient and faster to install than other roofing felts. They are very light and wide. If you are looking for a long lasting underlayment, you should go for premium brands.

If you are a Minnesota resident experiencing roofing problems, give us a call and our technicians will provide the best solutions for you. Ensure that you pick the best quality underlayment material for better performance.

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