Minneapolis Window Installation - Changing Window Styles

When considering the installation of new windows in your home, have you asked yourself the question 'Do I like the style of windows I currently have'?

Most homeowners tend to choose the same style of window already in use: double hung, 2-lite slider, casement, etc. You DON'T have to do that. Rather, at the same time you are doing your homework regarding energy efficiency, interior/exterior color options and pricing, why not explore installing windows of a different style?

Each window style does have it's own benefit. Casement windows also known as 'crank outs' tend to be very energy efficient. However, they may also present issues with the space available on decks or the ability to use the cranking mechanism in a small room. Single hung windows are typically the most economical option when purchasing windows, but reduce the ability to clean the glass and can limit the amount of airflow desired. 2 and 3-lite sliders typically offer the ability to choose which side of the unit you prefer airflow from.

The point is that you DO NOT have to install the same style when it's time to purchase new windows -- usually. Obviously, if you are replacing a window in a basement, you most likely won't be able to install a bay window. But, dare to dream! In most cases a homeowner can have a different style of window installed right into the old window opening. And, with SMA Exteriors' experienced carpenters/window installers here in Minneapolis, we can alter an opening when necessary. That means you DO have the option to have a bay or bow window installed where you once had a 3-lite slider! Or, if the home you purchased years ago came with single hung windows, you can make a room more comfortable by installing made in Minnesota Richlin casement windows. Using dead-lites can improve the lighting in an area that was once drab. In fact, we've had customers turn an entire wall into windows! Imagine the lighting in that room!

So, we challenge you to think about the possibilities. Completely transform a space with your new window installation. Go ahead -- ask about our line of bay windows, bow windows, decorative windows, dead-lite windows, awning windows, garden windows, casement windows, 2-lite sliding windows, double hung windows and more! Consultations for Minneapolis window installs are always FREE. And our design software available at www.SMA2DAY.com can help you see what new wood windows or vinyl windows would look like in your home.

Smart Made Affordable, since 1994. SMA Exteriors is a licensed and insured professional window installer serving Minneapolis, Maple Grove, Eden Prairie, Bloomington, Maple Grove, Plymouth, and the 7 county metro area of the Twin Cities, Minnesota. Richlin by Hayfield windows are custom made in Minnesota. Richlin windows are measured to your exact specifications and delivered directly to SMA Exteriors warehouse prior to installation.

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