Home Window Tinting for Summer

Summer is a period of when temperatures change from warm to extremely hot. Increased temperatures will need the air conditioners to run for a longer time. This translates into increased electricity bills. To manage the excessive heat while saving on your electricity bills, you can consider home window tinting for summer. Adding window tints to your home in summer will ensure your house stays cool with no extra costs on air conditioning.

Why You Should Tint in Summer

Besides reducing your air conditioning costs, home window tinting has other benefits. It protects you and your family from direct ultra violet rays from the sun. Modern window tinting films have a great capability to block UV rays.

Direct sunlight through an un-tinted window could damage and cause fading to furniture, artifacts, floor coverings and fabrics. Window tinting will help prevent fading and discoloration of your valued items.

Things to Consider When Selecting Tints

Window tinting films come in different types based on the desired functionality. Here are a few things to consider when selecting the type of tinting for your windows;

  • Privacy

Some window tinting films have the capability to prevent people from seeing inside the house while others like reflective surfaces can be seen through at night. It is therefore important to choose a type of tint that confers with the position of your window and the level of privacy desired.

  • Protection from Heat/Light

The amount of heat you want to guard from the house will determine the type and possible cost of the tint you choose. While common tints reduce both heat and light entering the house, there are those that can reduce heat but still allow enough light into the house. Put this into consideration as you make your choices.

  • Strength

Some tints not only reduce heat getting into the house but also increases shatter resistance. These can be useful if you live in an area that is common with storms. They can also hold fragments together in case a window breaks.

  • Warranty

Everyone needs a tint that is guaranteed to last longer. Always check the warranty of your product before purchasing; the longer the warranty period, the higher the chance of durability. Consider buying a tint film that is warranted against cracking or fading.

  • Ability to be reused

If you wish to tint your home only in summer, then a removable tint film will come in handy. A reusable tint film can be removed during winter and replaced in summer, or any other time you need it.

Types of Tints

There are two broad categories of tinting you can consider for home window tinting for summer.

  • Simple window tint film

This is a thin film sheet designed to be installed on the inside of the window. You can choose to get a handy person to fit it on your windows or just do it yourself. It installation is simple. It reduces the amount of heat and sunlight getting into your house.

  • Window solar screens

These are specially designed screens that are able to prevent heat entry into the house. Solar screens are usually installed on the outer part of your windows. They also have the capability to reduce amount of ultra violet light rays entering the house. It is advisable to use the services of a specialist in installing window solar screens.

  • Cost of Tinting

There are two options when you want to acquire window tints. The cost is majorly dependent on these; you can either buy it when pre-cut and install it yourself or ask for a professional to install it for you. For small sized windows that are easily accessible, you can install it yourself while for large windows, professional installation is advised.

Simple window films will cost anything from $40. For films that require adhesives, you may have to buy the adhesive and other application tools. This shouldn't cost you more than $50. Window tinting professionals usually charge hourly for installation services. You will also be required to cater for their travel expenses.

Home window tinting for summer is important if you wish to reduce the amount of heat getting into the house. This consequently reduces air conditioning bills. Before you decide on the type of tinting for your windows, understand the benefits you want and the cost involved. Do not compromise on quality when selecting a tint, increased durability is worth an extra dollar.

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