Hail As Large As 1.5 Inches in Chaska, MN

Reports early in the morning on Thursday June 9, 2016 describe hail as large as 1.5 inches in Chaska, MN.

SMA crews will be in the area helping homeowners schedule repairs and to deal with Insurance claims for the Chaska hail event. Please Call 763-315-8900 to schedule ASAP

Hail of this size is capable of denting soft metals such as AC fins, gutters, window trims, roofing vents and more. It is also capable of dimpling asphalt shingles, eroding shingle granules and breaking off little pieces of the shingles themselves. In rare cases, large hail may also break through windows and/or patio doors.

While wind and hail damage may only seem a nuisance at first, the long term affects to your asphalt shingles can be much greater. If your roof in Chaska was damaged due to the hail storm, the life expectancy will usually decrease. When a shingle is 'bruised'€, 'dimpled'€, or 'broken'€, over time water can penetrate and in Minnesota turn to ice in the winter. Just as in concrete, this expanding and contracting of water over time can make the unprotected underlayment vulnerable. Eventually, the roofing system will fail and you could have a bigger problem on your hands.

Simply having a professional roofing contractor inspect the roofing material can give you the piece of mind knowing that your shingles are unharmed or need attention. If your hail damaged roof does need attention, a contractor that is experienced dealing with insurance carriers is a major bonus. They should be able to work well with an insurance adjuster and typically use the same software insurance carriers use when coming up with an equitable settlement for the homeowner. The homeowner is typically only financially responsible to pay for their insurance deductible. Many contractors will require this as a down payment since they plan to immediately start working on the homeowner'€™s behalf.

As a GAF Master Elite roofing contractor for Chaska, MN and the entire Twin Cities area, SMA Exteriors & Restoration has worked with dozens of insurance carriers and thousands of homeowners dealing with hail and wind damage to their roof. Feel free to call with questions, or e-mail us at info@newexterior.com.

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