Guest Blog - "Change the negative to positive"€ by Tara Schmakel

Change the Negative to Positive!- By Tara Schmakel

Recently I was stranded on the side of the road with car problems. I was in business clothes, which made things even worse. I was hot and it was humid out.

As I waited for AAA to come to my rescue, I became irritated with the car and frustrated that the situation even happened. I had a little pity party for myself and then realized what I was doing. I told myself to stop it and suddenly realized the gorgeous sunset that was in front of me. The colors were brilliant and the sky seemed to be hand painted with red, orange, pink and gold -- I was struck with awe and realized I almost missed this beautiful scene.

How do we react when things do not go the way we hoped they would, perhaps in our business or even in our chapter? Do we find fault, take the negative route and have our own pity party? Or, do we take the opportunity to see and find the good or beauty of the situation? Sometimes we are so focused on the negative that we miss something special that is right in front of us.

If you find yourself taking the negative path and want to switch to positive what can you do? Here are 5 steps that work for me, to working your way back...

Acknowledge the situation.

Analyze what went wrong
Determine what is needed to "œfix" the situation?
Find something good. Anything. Sometimes it'™s a reach but it will help shift your focus.
Smile- it will all be ok.

Our outlook on situations can have an effect on our relationships. Are you known to optimistic or more pessimistic? Yes, realistic does have its place. However one of my core values is to be positive and supportive to others... including myself.

There are many ways we can be positive and supportive with those we come into contact with. However when faced with a negative situation, stop and use our 5 steps to come back around. Remember people do business with those they know, like and trust. Being positive and supportive is one of the ways to do that!

So next time you find yourself in a negative situation take a step back and see the whole picture. Find a way to fix it and see the good. You could end up seeing something so much more than what is right in front of you. And, you could build some amazing relationships in the process.

Tara Schmakel also known as The Once Timid Networker, takes great delight in connecting and others. With authenticity and individualized solutions as a foundation for her networking and communication practice, she helps her clients become more effective and fascinating to their prospects and customers.

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