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How can installing replacement windows in my Minneapolis home be an eco-friendly action?

We thought you'€™d never ask!

Most of us have heard that by making your home more energy efficient, the typical Minneapolis Minnesota home can save hundreds of dollars per month. Now, some of those energy savings can come from the use of LED light bulbs, using cold water when washing our clothes and keeping the thermostat at a temperature that still requires a '€œhoodie'€. In fact, there are many practices that can help us reduce the use of energy and shrink our carbon foot print.

Did you know that one of the greatest ways to LOSE energy is through the glass in your windows and doors? It'€™s true. The transfer of cold or heat from the outside of your house to the space inside your Minnesota house is one of the fastest ways to waste energy. That is why so many window companies, including SMA Exteriors in Maple Grove Minnesota, keep talking about it.

In the '€™70s, '€™80s and even early '€™90s, window companies had a very hard time perfecting the art of the window '€œspacer'€. The spacer or spacer bar, was generally a thin piece of aluminum placed between the two panes of glass. As we are all aware now, metal transfers the cold from outside your home to the rooms INSIDE your home. No good, right? Especially when it'€™s -15 degrees in January here in the Twin Cities. Every big name window company including Marvin windows, Andersen windows and Pella windows had issues. But in the last couple of decades, many of these companies have made modifications and improvements. The addition of Low E argon or krypton gas has also greatly improved the efficiency of windows. But what about that spacer thing? And, why do so many people keep talking about Richlin by Hayfield windows being the most energy efficient?

Well, there are several reasons. First, the numbers don'€™t lie. When researching replacement windows, you'€™ll learn that the '€œU'€ factor is very important. The lower the U-factor the better. And the Richlin 500 series casement window has the lowest U-factor on the market. Another major factor, is that Richlin windows use the Duralite spacer bar. A 21st century product that minimizes the transfer of cold/heat. Add foam filled sashes and frames, double strength glass and you have greatly reduced the energy you lose!

Energy efficient windows guarantee lower energy bills, a lower environmental impact and, most importantly, a greener future. More energy efficient windows allow you to produce less harmful gases such as CO2. Call a specialist today at 763-315-8900 for a free consultation on how you can start saving today! Or, schedule your no obligation consultation by clicking here.

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