Average Home Window Replacement Cost

It is important to replace old, damaged and drafty windows as soon as possible. Such windows not only look bad but also increase your monthly energy bills. Damaged windows pose serious injury risks. There is no need to take such risks. Replace all such windows immediately. New windows available in the market are highly energy efficient, durable and good looking. You can find all types of windows according to your specific needs, preferences and budget. You will want to know average home window replacement cost. There are various factors that affect the cost of home window replacement.

Number of Windows
You may not be in need of replacing all windows at the same time. Check each window carefully and determine how many windows must be replaced. You may want to replace even well working but old windows at the same time when you replace other damaged windows. It will help maintain uniformity across your home exterior and interior. It will cost you less per window when you replace multiple windows at the same time. Replacement of only one or two windows will cost more. Windows that you plan to replace in next few weeks or months should be replaced now along with other damaged windows. A large job means you will receive lower quote. You will also save money on materials.

Type of Windows
The type of material and design of the windows affect the replacement costs. The type of frame material used in windows can affect the replacement charges significantly. Vinyl windows are less expensive than wood windows. Replacing a vinyl window can cost $500-$700. A wood window will cost $800-$1000. Add $50-$100 extra charge if both window and framing down to the studs need removal. You will have to pay more for a steel, aluminum, wood or fiberglass window. Using high energy efficiency window can be expensive. A window with lower U-factor which has higher energy efficiency will cost more. Double pane windows cost more. Initial costs of such energy efficient windows are higher but you will recover your investment within a few months with lower energy bills.

Design of Windows
Single hung window can cost between $180 and $400 in replacement. It has better insulation and a good option when installing a window at the ground floor level. Double hung window can cost $300-$1000. Sliding window can cost $300-$1300. A casement window will cost you $300-$800. The replacement cost varies depending on the size, design, material, insulation, quality and number of windows.

Other Factors That Affect Window Replacement Cost
The location of your home or property where the window needs replacement will affect the cost of window installation charge. You will pay more if your building is located in a remote location. Be ready to pay a few dollars extra if you want the windows installer to clean up and dispose old windows and associated rubbish from your property. There may be additional charges for washing new windows if there are several large windows that need cleaning after installation. You should inquire about all such charges at the time of negotiating the window replacement charges. Inquire about all services that will be provided with the window replacement service. Make sure you receive details on all extra charges.

The cost of replacing a window includes removal of the existing window, installing the new one and any disposal of rubbish once the installation process is over. There may be few additional costs if you need comprehensive window replacement service. Such a service can include complete removal of windows from the wall, window washing and any other specific service you need. Generally, it will cost you $300-$700 for replacing a window. This cost applies only when the window is installed in an existing frame.

The replacement cost can be 3000 to 10000 dollars for ten windows in a three bedroom one story home. The charges will be higher for installing double or triple glazed windows. A 30-48 inch window can cost $150-$500 in replacement. The type of installation service you need affects the charge you pay. It will be costly to use energy saving features like filling argon gas between the window panes.

You will receive complete cost estimate before the project starts. There will be written agreement document that will detail the type of services you will receive and the charges you will pay for those services. Keep some money aside when planning window replacement budget. There may be an unexpected structural deficiency for which you will have to pay extra.

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