A Logical Solution to a Hydrological Problem

A Logical Solution to a Hydrological Problem

Many elements of your home exist for the sake of one fundamental goal '“ keeping water out. Your roof, siding, windows, doors, drain tile, sump pump'... they all function to keep the rain and snow-melt moving away. While these elements all function well when installed properly, they can perform even better with a little help. New Exteriors by SMA, Inc. can provide that help with a simple and inexpensive solution '“ gutters.

Heavy rain and natural snowmelt rolling off your eaves creates ruts, destroys landscaping and worst of all leads to basement flooding. Consider this:

1 inch of rain on 1 square foot of roof yields 0.6 gallons. If the roof area of a one-car garage is 15 ft x 20 ft (300 sq. ft.), then 1 inch of rain will yield 180 gallons of roof runoff.

With and average US roof being 2,400 sq ft and the average precipitation in the southern half of Minnesota being 34 inches, you'™ve got 48,960 gallons of water racing toward your foundation every year.
Moving that water away from your most valuable investment is essential. It'™s also easy and affordable. NESMA offers seamless gutters, in a variety of colors, installed by experienced crews. They'™re available in aluminum or steel and come with a selection of covers to avoid the cost, mess and danger of cleaning your gutters.
Controlling that water also gives you other options, like 'œharvesting' it in an eco-friendly rain barrel '“ perfect for watering the lawn without the heavy cost or city watering schedule.
To protect your home for tomorrow, contact a NESMA Project Consultant today for your new gutters.

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