A Day in the Life of a Roofer

Someone'€™s Gotta Do It: The Roofing Crewday in life

Perhaps one of the earliest inventions of our ancestors, once they ventured out of caves, was a roof over their heads. Roofers sure had it easy in that bygone era of thatched huts! These days, roofing is a complex job requiring skill, endurance, and a strong stomach for heights.

Even the best quality roofing products could fail if installed incorrectly. Water will find its way into any flaw and eventually create leaks if the installation is not done to professional standard. That'€™s why a company'€™s roofing crew is its most important asset. In an industry that usually has high turnover, New Exteriors takes pride in the longevity and experience of our crew members! That'€™s really is something to be proud of, when you consider the tough job they tackle every day.

A Day in the Life of a Roofer

As you may have guessed, a roofing professional spends the workday laying or repairing roofs. Their day might be spent on new construction, remodeling projects, or repairing damage from a storm.

Prior to any installation, they will inspect the roof to see where problems lie then determine the best material and course of action based on the type of roof. Between tear-down and clean-up, they spend most of the day covering the top of a building with layers of roofing materials such as felt, wood, asphalt, tar, shingles, and so on.

Most residential roofs are covered with shingles. To apply them, roofers lay and tack strips of roofing felt followed by overlapping rows of shingles. Prior to that, roofers measure and cut everything precisely to fit, with special care around openings like vent pipes and chimneys. Wherever two roof surfaces intersect or where shingles reach an opening, roofers install flashing-strips of metal or shingle over the joints to make them watertight. Finally, the workers cover exposed nail heads with roofing cement or caulking to keep water from seeping in.

Other responsibilities might include applying layers of insulation, sealing off openings, and finishing off the roof by applying glaze. Routine duties include tool maintenance, ordering materials, cleaning up debris from their work, and ensuring the roof is waterproof.

A Few Good Men!

Roofers must have no fear of height, have a good sense of balance and have concern for their own safety and that of their co-workers. Working in a dangerous environment, you really find out who your friends are! These are workers who enjoy physical outdoor labor, and who willingly endure occasional unpleasant weather (like record July heat in the Twin Cities). Good roofers do all of this with a sense of duty to the homeowner, ensuring that the project is completed on time, within the budget, and completed with the quality of workmanship expected of them.

Thankfully, today'€™s roofers have access to modern equipment that lessens the physical exertion that used to be the norm. But the modern roofer still works hard, in sometimes difficult conditions. This brief description doesn'€™t do justice to the scope of the knowledge a roofing crew must have, but we hope the reader appreciates the skill involved. Next time you look up at your roof, take a moment to silently thank the talented crew of workers that installed it. Or if a new roof or repair job is in your future, be sure to contact the experienced and skilled professionals at New Exteriors for a free estimate!




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