A Comparison between Wood Framed and Vinyl Windows

When you want to select replacement windows for your home you want a product that is durable, has return on investment, increases home value, and one that is energy efficient. The top players in replacement windows today are wood and vinyl. Each of these replacement window frames has their benefit over the other. Knowing their strengths and weaknesses will assist you in making the best choice for your home and pocket. This article offers you a candid comparison of wood framed home windows versus vinyl windows.


When you are thinking about replacing your windows you want a product that will carry you through for as long as it can without having to replace it again. Between the two, wooden frame windows outlast vinyl window frames. They have life spans of 30 years and more. Quite a number of brands have warranties of 50 years on their windows, which is guarantee enough that you might not need to ever replace them in your lifetime. On the other hand vinyl windows have a lifespan averaging 20 years. This time is dictated by the brand type as well as the installation method.


If you are thinking of getting a variety of styles and color to choose from then you will be stuck between the two. Vinyl windows were known for their synonymous white exteriors when they were introduced in the 1970s, but they are now available in other color choices including wood grain paint. This of course raises their price from the average. Wood is a timeless classic, being aesthetically pleasing even with a clear varnish finish. You however get a wide color choice in wood with different frame designs to complement.


When it comes to price vinyl window frames trounce wooden frames. Vinyl windows have been able to command as much as half the market share. This is notwithstanding that they have only been in circulation for a short period of time. This is because they are more affordable than wooden windows. Some brands are even half the cost of wooden frames. This makes them very attractive to you if you are working with a limited budget. Wood framed windows vary in price but they are the expensive of the two. The price variation is determined by brand and is understandable considering the many added benefits.

Energy Efficiency

Energy is a resource you want to save at whatever opportunity you get. Replacement windows can give you energy efficiency. Depending on which type you choose of wood framed home windows versus vinyl windows, you can get more energy efficiency. Vinyl framed windows give you good energy efficiency. Since they are made of PVC, they are able to retain the interior temperature as well as keep the outside temperature safely outside. Wood framed windows, on the other hand, offer excellent energy efficiency. The non-conducting property of both of these materials makes them both a good choice for reducing energy cost.


Maintenance is the greatest difference between these two materials. When you are looking for products you want the ones that require minimal to no maintenance. Vinyl windows offer you this advantage of maintenance free service. Since they are principally made of plastic they are able to last their lifetime without requiring any maintenance, save for the periodic clean you give your windows. This is a bonus, as the window frames will look as good as new for a long duration of their lifespan.

Wood framed windows can be looked at in varying degrees when it comes to maintenance. You have different options that require different levels of maintenance. Going with traditional wooden frames, they are finished with staining or paint. This erodes over time on the outside because of weathering. In order to prolong their lifespan, you will need to retouch the varnish, paint, or stain periodically.

Wooden frame manufacturers have gone an extra mile to offer frames that have a cladded exterior. This is the added layer of covering that protects the exterior from weathering. This cladding material has included aluminum, vinyl or complete composite exteriors. Aluminum has the disadvantage of being a conductor, while vinyl will offer a long lasting solution. It does not go the whole mile with the windows, but will need to be replaced someway. Composite exteriors are said to be the best of protective wooden exteriors this far.

When it comes to making a choice of wood framed home windows versus vinyl windows, the choice lies with what is your priority. This is because both of them have their strong points and weaknesses.

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