7 Popular Types of Home Windows

Whether you are building a new home, or looking to remodel your house or just replacing the windows, there are multiple options available for selecting windows. The prime purpose of windows is to allow natural light and fresh air fill your living space during the day. Apart from this, windows can be seen as a way of defining the style of your house: traditional or modern. There are different choices available to choose from, but choosing the ideal windows for your need will make your house look beautiful and elegant. Here is a brief description of different types of windows and their features.

1) Fixed Windows:
A fixed window is that kind of window that remains fixed all the time and cannot be opened. It only lets in light into your living space but not air. Typically, larger windows are fixed as it would be practically difficult to open them. These type of windows are ideal for rooms in which you only need to let in sunlight. Fixed windows are secure than their counterparts and will provide sufficient protection against the elements. The only care to be taken is to make sure that the window is sealed properly during the installation.

2) Casement Windows:
Casement windows feature hinged sashes that can be swung open to let the air flow in. The best place for fitting them is on either side of the bay window, as long as enough space is available for them to be opened. Casement windows are closely related to the fixed windows with the added advantage of welcoming the breeze in. Because of the way they are designed, the casement windows cannot be placed around a deck. During the installation, just make sure that the window can be swung open to its full capacity.

3) Awning Windows:
These windows are similar to the casement window, except for the fact that they are hinged at the top rather than the side. When extended out, the glass slopes downward making it possible to open them even in case of a rain. The disadvantage of this type of windows is that they can only provide partial ventilation and are too small to be used for evacuation in case of an emergency.

4) Single-Hung Windows:
Single hung windows have two sliding sashes in which the top sash is fixed. The bottom sash can be raised upward allowing the breeze to flow in. These were a common sight in the past but they have been making a return recently. Owing to the semi-closed design, these windows are extremely energy efficient than their counterparts. These windows cannot be used beside a walkway or patio as they protrude out when opened.

5) Double-Hung Windows:
Double hung windows are same as the single hung, except for the fact that both the sashes can be moved. The top sash and the bottom sash can be moved independently based on the requirement for ventilation. Typically, the lower sash is raised to allow the cool breeze to flow in and the upper sash is opened to let the hot air out. If you are looking for an energy efficient model, then the double hung windows are not the best option for you. They are known to leak more air than any other style of window.

6) Sliding Window:
Sliding windows consist of multiple panels that can be moved sideways to open. This type of windows are best suited for large homes. They are easy to open and are almost airtight when closed. By opting for a sliding window that is large enough, you can also create an emergency exit in case of a dire situation. The fact that these windows do not project outward makes them a good choice to be placed next to patios and walkways.

7) Bay/Bow Windows:
These type of windows are best when you need more interior space, as they protrude out from the wall of the house. They can be made either using a stationary window or casement window or a double-hung window. Bay windows are best suited for mansions as they allow maximum light to enter into the room.

While selecting windows for your home, there are multiple options to choose from. Depending upon your needs and style, select the best window that suits your purpose and make your home look elegant and beautiful.

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